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Tips to Finally Become A Rich Soldier

Interviewer: Next on First News at 4 the important role family plays when a soldier returns home from war. We will be right back.

Interviewer: It is an incredible time for families when a solider returns from overseas and he is greeted by loved ones. Unfortunately sometimes there are unexpected problems that can make the transition from soldier to civilian a very difficult one. There are steps that spouses can take to ease the adjustment process. And joining me today is author, speaker and founder of richsoldier.com, Lee Escobar. Lee thank you so much for stopping by.

Lee Escobar: It is a pleasure thank you.

Interviewer: As a chaplain and captain in the US army reserves, you know the challenges firsthand. A lot of people don’t want to talk about them. Tell us what the challenges are.

Lee Escobar: Well one of the biggest challenges is being able to transition from being in… from their military service into the civilian world and that becomes that they are leaving a lifestyle behind that they have known for many many years and embark on a new lifestyle that is literally the opposite from what they have been taught the whole of their life… what they have been living the last few years.

Interviewer: What are some of the steps that you tell people to take… and can we really make a difference when they come home?

Lee Escobar: Well first of all one thing that I tell them is that they need to evolve meaning that things are different now things have changed. You have to be willing to be coachable and teachable. And then once they understand that then they have to educate themselves on what they don’t know. Which is from the evolution part of the change and then once that takes place then actually put it into action. So be teachable, coachable and willing to learn and understand and accept that there is a change that is taking place.

Interviewer: You know you say that it is important to reach out and ask for support. When it comes to support at home, how important is the spouse’s role and what can they do to help out?

Lee Escobar: This spouse is part of the team and theirs is one of the most vital roles that they are because we are working together as a family to achieve one common goal which is being able to have a happy, secure financial life and life. So number one I tell them work the goals together we are a team lets play the game together, lets have the same goals… when are we gonna do it, what is next, how are we gonna make it work and then let’s plan it, lets actually … in the military we backwards plan, so let’s start from the end and move ourselves forward and after that let’s celebrate the milestones with the… let’s every time we achieve it let’s go out to eat, let’s spend time to come together, let’s share the love and between… with each other.

Interviewer: I know families want to rush back to normal lives quickly. To go back to the way things were and things like that. Realistically how long is this adjustment process.

Lee Escobar: Well it… I tell them start the adjustment process 6 months to a year prior… so that way it becomes a smooth process… don’t… I always have this philosophy get it together before you need it to get together” so that way when you need it together, it is already together. So start working from that process so then after that it would just come around a lot more smoothly.

Interviewer: You also offer advice to veterans to help start a business or maybe even a new career. Tell us, tell us about that.

Lee Escobar:  One thing that the military doesn’t understand is that they have the skills that actually translate better into the business world than they do into the regular job force. And they have these traits within them about courage and success and learning to understand the learning curve and learning these different ideas that are able to place them into the actual business world that they don’t even know that can it translate. So once they understand that they will excel faster and quicker financially.

Interviewer: So good to know and the support is out there they need to look for it.

Lee Escobar: Absolutely it is out there they just got to look for it, set it up… even when they… when they get ready to retire and get out there our organization is set up to help with that and that is one thing that I am focusing on right now in my… I have a nonprofit called “Operation Financial Freedom” where we are actually teaching our military and our soldiers to start focusing on their financial independence to start focusing on having financial security and bringing those ideas that I have achieved through my success in business and through investing and bring it to their lives also.

Interviewer: Sounds like coming home is the first step.

Lee Escobar: Yes it is.

Interviewer: Lee thank you so much for being here.

Lee Escobar: It is my pleasure.

Interviewer: For more information it is on our website go to KOMOnews.com and click on KOMO4TV.

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