Lee Escobar is the best mentor and tutor, I have ever met. Indeed my time in your class this past weekend was not wasted! Thanks a lot!

Thomas Boyd 

Just one word for Lee Escobar – Thank you! And now to you, I recommend the Rich Dad Real Estate workshop to anyone looking to improve their finances and life in general. Over the months I have learnt a lot. If you are married, I would recommend attending it with your spouse. It will help make organization and implementation of the strategies and concepts easy. Watch out for the Rich dad team and make your reservation early enough if you want to get the front seat J. Thanks again Lee and Rich dad team.

Ben Morris

My perspective on money took a new turn immediately I met Lee. Through his class sessions, I learnt how to grab the reigns and take full charge of my life and my financial future in particular. Through Lee, a new window of opportunity in my life was open. All along I knew I was not living in my full potential. It took just a single session in the 3-day seminar to identify what has been coming in between me and my full potential. I like the fact that Lee preaches what he believes in. I like the fact that his perspective on success in real estate investing is not just about wealth acquisition but also sharing of acquired knowledge with others. The fact that he believes true success and satisfaction in life is when one truly and genuinely helps others and focuses on changing the lives of others is what has inspired me the most. He is a living proof that sharing is gaining more. I am yet to get fully started, but the strategies and concepts I have implemented so far seem to work just as well. Thanks a lot Lee. You are godsend to me. I will forever be grateful to you. Glad I met you when I am still young because I believe my future is destined for greatness.

Pat Brantley

Hallo there… now, now, now, where do I start? I think I should first thank Lee Escobar for a job well done over the weekend. There was enough information to last me a lifetime on wealth building and living a fulfilling life. Secondly, I would like to recommend the Rich Dad Seminar to all those who feel there is something wrong with their life. You could be having all the money in the world or none at all… but feel there is some part of you that is still not happy and satisfied. Lee Escobar will teach you how to exploit your fullest potential and lead a successful and satisfactory life. Thank you Lee and thank you Rich Dad Team, am now all set to Go Big or Go Home… my mission is clearly set out… attain my financial freedom, create wealth and inspire others.

Bessy Dube

How much can you really gain out of a 3-day seminar with Lee Escobar? While a weekend is always not enough for most people, rest assured though that you will get more than you could ever imagine. When I paid for my Rich Dad workshop, I was not sure what to expect or what I wanted out of life. However, 30 minutes into the first session I was convinced beyond any reasonable doubt I was in the right place, at the right time and with the right people. I am glad I did and will always attend the Rich Dad seminar each time it comes around. It was a real eye opener for me.

Sharon Clay

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