Dec 18

Lee-escobar: His Various Contribution in educating people

There are very few people in the world who take up the cause of teaching people how to achieve financial freedom. Lee-escobar is a person who strongly believes in the fact that one should achieve financial freedom and this is especially true for soldiers who get back to a civilian life and face many challenges.  Escobar in his book “Rich Solider” teach techniques thru which you can earn wealth by using the popular Wealth Ethics propounded by him.

Lee EscobarWhat is his opinion on real estate investments?

Escobar understands the fact that real estate investments are considered unstable by people who do not know the basics of real estate investments. Most first time investors worry whether this is the right time to invest while others after investing in real estate worry over the simple fact whether the estate price would suddenly drop or not. Escobar maintains from his 20 plus years of experience in real estate investment that real estate investments are similar to any other types of investments. In fact you can earn major profit from it. In fact he has mentored many people and held various workshops where he has taught the basics regarding this investment. These basics are:

1.    When you are investing in real estate you have to look at the long time picture.

2.    You can get rich quickly when you invest in real estate. The investment needs time and you have to start with passive income.

3.    Escobar also maintains that it is mandatory that you learn and understand the basics of real estate investment where you get to know how does the real estate market cycle work, what do you need to do and what strategies should you implement in what specific conditions.

Lee-escobar has made it his mission to educate people and he does it thru various seminars and three day workshops which are held in various cities of US.

What is his background?

Escobar had himself served in the US army and then taken bachelors in theology from Lee University. He also has a master’s degree in marriage and family counseling. Over the years he had spent considerable time making real estate investments which made him a self made millionaire in no time. However like other rich people he did not want to keep his success story and techniques with himself. He wanted everybody to share financial freedom and become wealthy. Thus he started taking seminars and workshops which people tend to associate it as Lee Escobar Scam. People who undertake these training sessions feel that they have found a new objective in their life. His training methodology is different from others and it is very unique in its own way. People are apprehensive on the first day but by the end of the third days training most of them have clear visions regarding what they need to do with their real estate investments. Thus Escobar is making a great contribution to people by training them to become rich and this is an effort which should be recognized in a major way.

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