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Feb 05

Learn How to Write A Contract – Contract Considerations And Contingencies – Rich Investor Series

For a contract to be legally binding, it can be anything from a note handwritten on a dinner napkin to complex terms and conditions written on a fancy print form. Back in the day, a contingency could allow a buyer to easily weasel out of any contract. In other words, they could call off a …

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Dec 12

An Exposure to Creative Financing for Real Estate

An Exposure to Creative Financing for Real Estate Real estate is one of the most exciting investment options out there. There are many deals both nationally and internationally and the versatility of the market makes this one of the most ideal investment to add to your portfolio. In addition, there is always a demand for …

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Dec 11

The Benefits of Foreclosures as an Investment Option

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the foreclosure inventory has reached the lowest levels since 2010. While this might be a good indicator in the overall real estate market, it also points to diminishing opportunities that lie within the foreclosure market for investors. If you are looking for a chance to get hold …

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Nov 25

Debunking the Myth on Short Sales

Since the home bust in 2007 the real estate market has been in a flux. Many home owners had to watch in trepidation as foreclosures loomed without any way out of it. However, most property owners are now using short sales as an exit strategy and as an investor; this might be your way of …

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Nov 18

A Basic Introduction to Tax Liens Investing

When it comes to the real estate investing, the power of success lies in being informed and suave in cutting deals. In fact, most successful investors are not after property per se but a deal that will be executed swiftly giving them enormous returns on investment. If you have tried your hand in real estate, …

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