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Dec 18

Lee-escobar: His Various Contribution in educating people

There are very few people in the world who take up the cause of teaching people how to achieve financial freedom. Lee-escobar is a person who strongly believes in the fact that one should achieve financial freedom and this is especially true for soldiers who get back to a civilian life and face many challenges.  …

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Mar 05

What Determines How Much You Will Get From Your Commercial Real Estate Financier?

What will you be looking for when you decide to start a commercial real estate business? If you are like most other real estate investors, it is certain you are looking to generate profit, and a good one at that. The best thing about the real estate industry is the fact that it has the …

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Feb 08

Forms of Tax Lien Investing That You Should Be Aware Of

Tax lien investing, without a shadow of a doubt, can be a very lucrative and profitable investment opportunity. While not a very popular method, hundreds of real estate investors have been making a kill and creating wealth out of tax liens for so many years. Unlike most other investment opportunities, such as trading on the …

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Feb 07

A Step By Step Guide To Investing In Tax Liens Online – Rich Investor Series

Tax liens investment is arguably one of the most lucrative forms of investment in the real estate world today. Even so, not very many people pursue this form of investment, either because of fear or lack of knowledge on how the process is done. Like most other real estate investment opportunities, be advised that investing …

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Feb 06

Demystifying the Lending Jargon – Critical Lending Terms You Should Be Aware Of – Rich Investor Series

  If you thought that becoming a rich real estate investor is an easy thing, wait until you get hold of a contract or you start looking for funding and you are met with complex jargon. There is a whole new language awaiting you in the real estate finance world that you ought to be …

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