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A Step By Step Guide To Investing In Tax Liens Online – Rich Investor Series

Tax liens investment is arguably one of the most lucrative forms of investment in the real estate world today. Even so, not very many people pursue this form of investment, either because of fear or lack of knowledge on how the process is done. Like most other real estate investment opportunities, be advised that investing in tax liens is easier said than done. There is a lot you will need to put into consideration, and some work need to be done, in order to have a successful venture.


Luckily, thanks to technological advancements, today you can invest in tax liens entirely online. The process has been made a lot easier with the help of successful rich estate mentors who will guide you along the way. Here are the basic steps to follow when you want to start investing in the lucrative real estate niche of tax liens.


  1. 1.    Determine your investment niche

It should be made very clear that in order to invest in tax liens online, you will be limited to the states that do offer such a provision. This means that you have to take your time to determine whether the state you wish to invest in has a provision of online tax liens investment. Not all states sell tax liens through online auction sites. You should know that the rules that govern online tax lien sales are different in different states, although they have several things in common, so do not be surprised to find a discrepancy in your dealings with different states.


2. Have a tax sales analysis on hand 

This is a very easy and straightforward part since most of the information needed to come up with tax sales information is normally given on the bidding website. Just visit any of the top rated online tax lien investment websites, call a local tax collector or talk to your real estate mentor or coach to help with the process if you experience any difficulties.


3. Get to know the tax sale properties

Arguably the most time consuming and daunting tasks of online tax liens investment is analyzing the status of the tax sale properties that you are interested in. Unless you purchase a tax sale list from a renowned provider, or directly from the county you wish to buy from, you may not always get to view the list of properties that are up for sale. Rather, these properties are often listed in batches or individually meaning you will need to click each listing to view the rest of details on a property you are interested in. Ensure you dig up as much information as possible.


4. Prepare yourself for bidding

More often than not, you may be required to register days, or sometimes weeks ahead of the scheduled date of sale. Take your time to register and then bid on the tax lien certificate that is up for auctioning. Most of these sales will expect you to place down a set amount of deposit, and after emerging successful on the bid you will be expected to pay in a day or two of the close of business once the transaction is successful.


5. Place your bid

Last but not least, you need to show up and place your bid. The internet has made this very simple and straight forward since it is all a click of a mouse away.


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