Dec 18

Lee-escobar: His Various Contribution in educating people

There are very few people in the world who take up the cause of teaching people how to achieve financial freedom. Lee-escobar is a person who strongly believes in the fact that one should achieve financial freedom and this is especially true for soldiers who get back to a civilian life and face many challenges.  Escobar in his book “Rich Solider” teach techniques thru which you can earn wealth by using the popular Wealth Ethics propounded by him.

Lee EscobarWhat is his opinion on real estate investments?

Escobar understands the fact that real estate investments are considered unstable by people who do not know the basics of real estate investments. Most first time investors worry whether this is the right time to invest while others after investing in real estate worry over the simple fact whether the estate price would suddenly drop or not. Escobar maintains from his 20 plus years of experience in real estate investment that real estate investments are similar to any other types of investments. In fact you can earn major profit from it. In fact he has mentored many people and held various workshops where he has taught the basics regarding this investment. These basics are:

1.    When you are investing in real estate you have to look at the long time picture.

2.    You can get rich quickly when you invest in real estate. The investment needs time and you have to start with passive income.

3.    Escobar also maintains that it is mandatory that you learn and understand the basics of real estate investment where you get to know how does the real estate market cycle work, what do you need to do and what strategies should you implement in what specific conditions.

Lee-escobar has made it his mission to educate people and he does it thru various seminars and three day workshops which are held in various cities of US.

What is his background?

Escobar had himself served in the US army and then taken bachelors in theology from Lee University. He also has a master’s degree in marriage and family counseling. Over the years he had spent considerable time making real estate investments which made him a self made millionaire in no time. However like other rich people he did not want to keep his success story and techniques with himself. He wanted everybody to share financial freedom and become wealthy. Thus he started taking seminars and workshops which people tend to associate it as Lee Escobar Scam. People who undertake these training sessions feel that they have found a new objective in their life. His training methodology is different from others and it is very unique in its own way. People are apprehensive on the first day but by the end of the third days training most of them have clear visions regarding what they need to do with their real estate investments. Thus Escobar is making a great contribution to people by training them to become rich and this is an effort which should be recognized in a major way.

Mar 05

What Determines How Much You Will Get From Your Commercial Real Estate Financier?

What will you be looking for when you decide to start a commercial real estate business? If you are like most other real estate investors, it is certain you are looking to generate profit, and a good one at that. The best thing about the real estate industry is the fact that it has the greatest potential to generate lots of money for serious investors. Obviously the first step you will need to take is to find a good property that you should invest in. There are so many options at your disposal, and so many investment opportunities, from foreclosures to commercial real estate rentals for holidays and stuff, so clearly you will be lost for options.

commercial real estateThe second step when it comes to real estate investment is to purchase the property/land in question. If you have enough money with you, you can finance it 100%, if not it means looking for a financier who will work with you with affordable rates and terms. The financier can be a commercial lending institution or a generous friend/relative, although the latter is often discouraged. Most commercial lending institutions will definitely look for some basic requirements in order to agree to give you capital that you will need to invest in your real estate business.

The global recession that was experienced a while back affected all industries, and the real estate industry was no exception. What this means is that financiers are often quite strict in their prequalification criteria to ensure only the most potential investors get the money. Alongside your business plan, there are certain things that financiers will look at to ensure you get better terms and conditions. These include:-

Credit score

If you have ever applied for a loan, you know how important a role the credit score plays. Your credit score and your credit history in general will play a significant role in determining not only how much you get but also what the terms and conditions, as well as the rates would be. Before you start looking for a very expensive property or land to invest in, therefore, you should look at your credit score and ensure it is in good standing. If there are things you must do to correct it, by all means do them so you can get favorable terms and affordable rates.

Location of property/land to invest in

The location of the land/ property that you wish to invest in will equally play a significant role in determining whether you get financing or not. If the property is in an underdeveloped area, you may face a huge challenge convincing your financier that the area has a potential to grow. See, for a financier to give you money to finance your real estate investment, they will be banking on the fact that if you are unable to repay back the loan, they can recoup the property and sell it. They want a property located in a prime location so that selling will not be difficult and time consuming on their part.

Commercial real estate investment is a good venture, but only when all the basics add up to provide a good return on investment. Ensure you get your facts right before you hit the market in search of property and/ or financier to facilitate your investment.

Feb 08

Forms of Tax Lien Investing That You Should Be Aware Of

Tax lien investing, without a shadow of a doubt, can be a very lucrative and profitable investment opportunity. While not a very popular method, hundreds of real estate investors have been making a kill and creating wealth out of tax liens for so many years. Unlike most other investment opportunities, such as trading on the stock market, tax lien investing is a potentially lucrative opportunity for all who are interested in it.


Unfortunately, most people do not realize how such an investment opportunity works and how they can make money from it. Simply put, getting into this form of investment can allow you to stop relying on a single source of income. For investors who have been successful with tax liens investment, most of them end up focused entirely on it and rely on it as the main source of income since it provides an opportunity for making good money.


Forms of tax lien investing

Tax lien investing can be categorized into three; Tax deeds, tax liens, and redeemable deeds. While they all fall under the same umbrella, there are some core differences among these three that change how people do their investment. Also, as expected, each form of investment has its share of pros and cons when it comes to risk, profitability, costs and other factors. As an investor, therefore, you should do your due diligence and evaluate each and every category of investment before committing your all to it.


The core concept of tax lien

Tax lien

The good news is that all these forms of tax lien investing are readily available and accessible to you simply because the owner of the property defaulted in paying property taxes. This led to a revenue deficit with the local government, hence the need to sell the property and recover the shortfall. You should know by now that the county or city has budgetary obligations that need to be met whether or not property taxes are paid in due time. As such, to ensure they generate income, they hold auctions that allow investors to purchase the defaulters tax debt, and which the owner will be forced to pay back to the investor, plus of course some interest.


Tax deeds

In extreme cases where the defaulter has high property tax dues, the city or county may hold auctions for the title deed of the property in question. Basically, when you win the bid for the property in question, you will be the rightful owner of the property where you can move in, rent it, or rehab and sell it at a profit.


Redeemable deeds

The major difference between tax deeds and their redeemable counterparts is the fact that there is often an open redemption window period where the defaulter can purchase the property back at the total cost of purchase that you incurred, plus a predetermined penalty percentage.

By and large, a tax lien is more of less a long-term form of investment where you can be guaranteed of your return on investment after a significant period of time. Redeemable deeds and tax deeds, however, tend to be much faster. Even so, tax liens are the safest investment option of the three. In the worst case scenario, with redeemable deeds and tax deeds, you may be stuck with a valueless property that no one, including the original owner, would wish to buy to from. Reason enough to do a thorough homework on each property you wish to bid on.

Feb 07

A Step By Step Guide To Investing In Tax Liens Online – Rich Investor Series

Tax liens investment is arguably one of the most lucrative forms of investment in the real estate world today. Even so, not very many people pursue this form of investment, either because of fear or lack of knowledge on how the process is done. Like most other real estate investment opportunities, be advised that investing in tax liens is easier said than done. There is a lot you will need to put into consideration, and some work need to be done, in order to have a successful venture.


Luckily, thanks to technological advancements, today you can invest in tax liens entirely online. The process has been made a lot easier with the help of successful rich estate mentors who will guide you along the way. Here are the basic steps to follow when you want to start investing in the lucrative real estate niche of tax liens.


  1. 1.    Determine your investment niche

It should be made very clear that in order to invest in tax liens online, you will be limited to the states that do offer such a provision. This means that you have to take your time to determine whether the state you wish to invest in has a provision of online tax liens investment. Not all states sell tax liens through online auction sites. You should know that the rules that govern online tax lien sales are different in different states, although they have several things in common, so do not be surprised to find a discrepancy in your dealings with different states.


2. Have a tax sales analysis on hand 

This is a very easy and straightforward part since most of the information needed to come up with tax sales information is normally given on the bidding website. Just visit any of the top rated online tax lien investment websites, call a local tax collector or talk to your real estate mentor or coach to help with the process if you experience any difficulties.


3. Get to know the tax sale properties

Arguably the most time consuming and daunting tasks of online tax liens investment is analyzing the status of the tax sale properties that you are interested in. Unless you purchase a tax sale list from a renowned provider, or directly from the county you wish to buy from, you may not always get to view the list of properties that are up for sale. Rather, these properties are often listed in batches or individually meaning you will need to click each listing to view the rest of details on a property you are interested in. Ensure you dig up as much information as possible.


4. Prepare yourself for bidding

More often than not, you may be required to register days, or sometimes weeks ahead of the scheduled date of sale. Take your time to register and then bid on the tax lien certificate that is up for auctioning. Most of these sales will expect you to place down a set amount of deposit, and after emerging successful on the bid you will be expected to pay in a day or two of the close of business once the transaction is successful.


5. Place your bid

Last but not least, you need to show up and place your bid. The internet has made this very simple and straight forward since it is all a click of a mouse away.


Feb 06

Demystifying the Lending Jargon – Critical Lending Terms You Should Be Aware Of – Rich Investor Series


If you thought that becoming a rich real estate investor is an easy thing, wait until you get hold of a contract or you start looking for funding and you are met with complex jargon. There is a whole new language awaiting you in the real estate finance world that you ought to be aware of if you are to become a smart investor.


Take your time to learn the meaning of at least the most important terms so you can start shopping with some background knowledge to avoid being swayed away or taken advantage of. Getting armed will also help you ask questions and clarify any issues that you could be having with the details still fresh in your mind. Here are some basic terms to get you started.


Balloon Mortgage

This is a type of mortgage loan where the full balance is often due at a specified date in the future. While you could be making regular payments on a monthly basis, these payments will eventually be calculated based on a longer period of time, and eventually the payments will come to a stop and the outstanding balance become due. For example, you invest in a property where the monthly payments are calculated for a typical 25 or 30 year tenure.


However, instead of servicing the loan for that period of time, the outstanding balance can be due after 5 or so years. This type of mortgage is quite risky unless you are 100% sure you will have enough money on the specified due date to make a full payment or are certain on the due date you will qualify for another loan to buy off the old one.



Amortization is a type of loan whereby the regular payments you make on the loan, part of it is channeled towards the interest and the other part is channeled towards the principal outstanding balance. There is something known as negative amortization where the amount payable on a monthly basis is not enough for both the interest and principal amount. In such a case, the unpaid interest is often pegged on the outstanding principal balance for each subsequent month, eventually increasing the total outstanding balance.



This is not a loan, technically speaking. It is more or less of a security instrument, a legally binding document that states that the property being bought will act as collateral for the funding/loan. In other words, when you get a mortgage for a property, the property will be collateral for the cash you will have borrowed to buy it.


Deed of trust

This is a special type of deed that mandates someone to hold on to a title deed for a property in question, albeit temporarily. A deed of trust serves the same purpose as a mortgage, only that it is easier and faster to foreclose.


Note that when a mortgage is combined with a promissory note, the investor promises to pay back the lender as per the agreed terms and conditions of the loan in question. The mortgage therefore creates a lien should you not honor your end of the deal.



This is a legal right to sell or keep another person’s property as collateral for a debt.


The real estate finance world is a very dynamic and ever changing field with new terms, guidelines and new types of loans changing constantly to meet the growing needs and demands for borrowers. Get a loan officer whose opinions and judgment you value and work with them to gain a clear understanding of the loans applicable to the type of real estate investment that you wish to get into.

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